Bursary Awards

The World Conference for Transport Research Society and Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay) are proud to announce bursary awards to encourage researchers from Lower Middle & Low Income Economy countries (The World Bank classification) and those conducting research on critically important areas in any country to participate and present in WCTR Mumbai Conference.

There will be two categories of bursaries.

For category one, ten bursaries will be awarded to the researchers whose country of current affiliation is in the World Bank list of lower-middle & low-income economy countries and whose paper is graded A or B, to enable them to present their paper in an oral or poster session.

For category two, four bursaries will be awarded to the researchers from any country whose paper focuses on critical issues in any country and whose paper is graded A or B, to enable them to present their paper in an oral or poster session. The number of bursary awards may increase or decrease depending on the number of deserving applications received and the finances of the conference. Papers and applications will be judged by a bursary award selection committee.

Terms of the award

The recipient of each bursary must attend in person to present their paper at the 15th WCTR at IIT Bombay, Mumbai, May 26-31, 2019.

Each recipient will receive $1,000 to cover costs related to the conference. The recipients are also offered optional free accommodation in student hostels inside IIT Bombay Campus.

All papers for which bursaries are awarded will be published in partner journals or in Procedia (published by Elsevier) following standard review/revision procedures. Recipients will receive the bursary certification at the closing ceremony.

How to apply

An application consisting of the following documents as a single pdf file should be emailed to wctr@civil.iitb.ac.in and gpatil@iitb.ac.in before 5 January 2019. The selected applicants for the bursary award will be notified by mid January 2019.

  1. A signed statement in no more than 500 words identifying the paper for which bursary award is sought, why the paper is worthy of the award of a bursary,  and confirming adherence to the terms of the award of bursaries as set out above. It is also necessary to mention the reasons for seeking the award.

  2. Certificate from the current employer or bona fide student certificate. This certificate should also include justification for seeking the financial support.


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