Topic Area Keynote Speakers

The following speakers will give keynote lectures at the conference. 

Speakers include:

Topic Area B: Freight Transport and Logistics

Lori Tavasszy, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands (Chairman)
Laetitia Dablanc, University of Paris-East, France

Topic Area C:  Traffic Management, Operations, and Safety 

Manfred Boltze, Technische University Darmstadt, Germany
Presentation topic: Multi-criteria assessment of traffic signal control

David Z. W. Wang, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Presentation topic: Optimal bike allocation and repositioning strategies in a dockless bike sharing system

Topic Area D: Activity and Transport Demand

Chandra Bhat, University of Texas, USA

Topic Area E: Transport Economics and Finance 

Sergio Jara-Diaz, Universidad de Chile, Chile
Presentation topic: Design, scale economies and optimal pricing of public transport services”

Alain Bonnafous, Université de Lyon, France
Presentation topic : Public economics revisited in the light of private participation in infrastructure

Topic Area F: Transport, Land Use, and Sustainability

Yoshitsugu Hayashi, Chubu University, Japan 
Presentation title: Mechanism of urbanisation and motorization and its influence on the environment as its consequence

Topic Area G: Transport Planning and Policy

Karen Lucas, Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds, UK
Presentation topic: Meeting travel needs in low income settlement

Greg Marsden, Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds, UK
Presentation topic: The role of government in the governance of mobility transitions

Topic Area H: Transport in Developing and Emerging Countries

Jose Luis Irigoyen, Senior Director, Transport and Information and Communications Technologies Global Practice, World Bank
Kazuaki Miyamoto, Tokyo City University, Japan


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