Special Sessions

The following special sessions have been accepted for presentation within the programme.

Reforms to deliver smart mobility
Chair: Prof. Greg Marsden, ITS Leeds, UK
Invited talk: SIG G1 Decision-Making and Governance

CLIMATRANS: Climate change mitigation and adaptation policies for urban transport sector in India
Chairs: Dr. Farideh Ramjerdi, Institute of Transport Economics, Norway, Dr. Ashish Verma, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India
Invited talk: SIG H2: Infrastructure Operation and Traffic Management in Developing Countries and SIG G5: Disaster Resilience in Transport

Role of the private sector in sustainable and resilient transport development in cities of Asia
Chair: Prof. Yoshitsugu Hayashi, Chubu University, Japan
Invited talk: UNCRD with SIG G5

A sociotechnical approach to road safety: International perspectives
Chair: Prof Neville Stanton, University of Southampton, UK
Invited talk: SIG C4: Traffic Safety Analysis and Policy

International comparison of traffic safety culture: IATSS Project
Chair: Dr. Wael Alhajyaseen, Qatar University, Qatar
Invited talk: SIG C4 Traffic Safety Analysis and Policy

International practice on road traffic signal control
Chairs: Prof. Keshuang Tang, Tongji University, China, Prof. Zong Tian, University of Nevada, USA
Invited talk: SIG C2 – Urban Transport Operations

Transport vibration and its control measures
Chairs: Dr Nasim Akhtar, Chair SIG F5
Invited talk: SIG F5 Transport noise and vibration control

Transport noise and its control measures
Chair: Dr Nasim Akhtar, Chair SIG F5
Invited talk: SIG F5 Transport noise and vibration control

Is urban governance in need of reform? A debate
Chairs: Dr Louise Reardon, University of Birmingham, UK and Prof. Greg Marsden, ITS Leeds, UK
Debate: SIG G1 Decision-Making and Governance

Health impact modelling of transport in lower and middle income settings
Chairs: Dr James Woodcock, University of Cambridge, UK, Dr Ashish Verma, Indian Institute of Science, India
Short talks and panel discussion: SIG G6 Transport and Health

Presentation of PhD students’ grants: Third edition of WCTRS-Young Initiative’s Activity II (Y-II Ed 3)
Chair: Prof Yoshi Hayashi, WCTRS President, Chubu University, Japan
Paper reading: WCTRS-Y

Towards better intermodal connectivity of freight transport in India: an example of Dedicated Freight Corridor
Chair: Ryuichi Shibasaki, University of Tokyo, Japan
Panel Discussion: SIG H1: Transport Policy, Planning and Financing in Developing Countries

Cycling in the global South | Discourse and dissonance
Chair: Eva Heinen, University of Leeds, UK
Paper and panel discussion, Q&As: SIG F4 Livability and Non-Motorized Transport.

Meeting the mobility and accessibility needs of informal and slum settlers in developing cities
Chairs: Prof Karen Lucas, University of Leeds, UK and Dr Ashish Verma, Indian Institute for Science, India
Short talks, panel discussion: SIGs G4, H1, H2, H5

Police response to runaway adolescents on Mumbai's rail network
Chair: Dr Kartikeya Tripathi, University College London, UK
Panel discussion (Experts’ Engagement Panel): SIGs H1, H5, G1, G3, G4

Video session: On the way to the doctor – How poor people gain access to healthcare in a Brazilian city
Chair: Prof Karen Lucas, University of Leeds, UK
Video documentary followed by a panel discussion: SIG G4 – Cultural and social issues in transport

Spillover effect of high-speed rail and quality of life
Chairs: Prof Yoshitsugu Hayashi, President WCTRS and KE Seetha Ram, Senior Specialist, ADBI and Visiting Professor, University of Tokyo, Japan
High-level panel discussion:

Port rail freight intermodality: from theory to practice
Chair: Thierry Vanelslander, University of Antwerp, Belgium
Panel discussion: SIGA2 in collaboration with BRAIN-TRAINS consortium

Rail station redevelopment for developing countries using public-private partnerships: A new guidebook from the World Bank
Chairs: Shige Sakaki, World Bank (TBC) and Jonathan Gifford, George Mason University, USA
Short talks

Transport policy decisions in the age of Big Data: Exploiting text and other semantically rich data for transport policy and strategy decision-making
Chair: Prof Aseem Kinra, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Invited talks: Emeritus group

Transport policy in response to automation and new mobility services: How best can countries and cities take advantage of new technologies and avoid suffering their adverse consequences?
Chair: Prof. Anthony D May, University of Leeds, UK
Invited talks: Emeritus group

Improvement of transport resilience in the context of big data and mobile network
Paper reading: Tsinghua University, SIG G5
Chair: Dr. Huapu Lu, Tsinghua University, China

Local Special Sessions

Mass transit solutions: multimodal integration and transit oriented development
Chairs: Sh Vivek Gupta, Chief Engineer, MRVC; Smt Vijay Lakshmi, Chief/T&C/MMRDA; Sh R. Ramana, ED/Planning/MMRDA
Invited Talks and Panel Discussion.

Experiences from Metro Rail operations from Indian Cities
Invited presentations from some of the metro operators

Transport infrastructure delivery: Perspectives from construction companies

Connected and automated driving: The future of public transport?
Panel discussion

The electrification of urban mobility: The transition to a clean and sustainable urban transport
Panel discussion

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